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C'est quoi?What on earth is this glamping, you say?
First, forget everything and anything you ever knew about camping. Take all the extras expected from a hotel stay, some candles, crisp white sheets, sheer curtains, a group of wild horses, the sound of a crackling fire against rural silence and add little pinch of luxury – now bundle it all up into a simplistically beautiful little cottage made of canvas & throw it into the Suisse National Park of Normandy, France. This was my glamping experience. During the year I lived in Europe I was very blessed to have been brought along on many working holidays. One of which was to the Reinhill Ranch in Normandy. When I was told we were to be going ‘glamping’ naturally I thought I’d misheard and was ready for a bug-filled dig your own toilet kind of camp trip. Nope! We were in fact, going glamping – glamorous camping. This new age idea of camping for the non-conforming-camper meant we’d more or less be staying in a petit hotel de luxe (little luxury hotel) that was posing as a tent on a campsite. 
En route
: Netherlands – France. The five of us (including Sally, our Bernise Mountain dog who may as well be a person due to her incredible size & amazing nature) all packed into the car and hit the road. After stopping for breakfast in Holland, lunch in Belgium & six hours’ worth of city, highway, country and rural towns we reached Normandy, France. Upon arrival our bags were taken and we were driven in a buggy deep into the property. As we drove up and over the last hill the beauty of the French country side started to reveal itself. Passing horses, ponies, pigs, ducks, an assortment of gardens and getting into the ranch/farm-stay spirit I could make out our soon-to-be-home gleaming in the early sunset. Perched at the far end of the field closed in by a dainty wooden fence and surrounded by a group of wild ponies stood our safari-style tent amidst the breathtaking atmosphere of rural France. Tout simplement sensationnel. Simply stunning.

Tucked away in the French countryside surrounded by lush greenery and rugged brown farmland this charming little tent-suite featured a master room, second bedroom and a large open living area complete with a wooden stove top, open fire, dining set & lazy-day chairs. The simplistic rugged interior gave all the feels of a tent while boasting all the simple benefits of a serviced hotel. Over the next week we spent our time doing a little of everything and a lot of nothing. Ce’st la vie, et il est grand. –It was pure bliss. The incredible staff working at the Ranch were beyond helpful and really made us feel not only at home but a part of the team. A huge shout out goes to Bob, Alison & the whole Reinhill team, I really can’t thank you enough for the incredible time we had with you! The best part about the trip? Switching off, disconnecting, doing nothing and being one with nature. Running, skipping and playing explorer with the kids around the property, chasing the wild ponies, grooming & riding the horses, trying our luck at horse training and welcoming each night with a glass of wine or hot coco snuggled up in blankets and telling stories over the soft crackling of our indoor fire. The worst part of the stay? When the time came to snap back to reality and say goodbye to our humble hideout. 

Glamping is for those wishing to experience all that is camping without actually experiencing anything that is camping. It’s for the designer traveler, the friendly family, the love-bug couple or anyone really looking for an unforgettable escape among nature.
It’s definitely one for the bucket list and I highly recommend Reinhill ranch as the place to tick it off.

 Once you go glamping... 

Check out some other GLAMPING LOCATIONS around the world, or get in touch with Bob & his team @ the REINHILL RANCH for some horse riding, or SAFARI-NORMANDIE to speak with someone to book a glamping trip at this magnific ranch!


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